Building Life’s Relationships,
Reaching Life’s Goals.

What if your New Year’s Resolution could become reality?  Would you like to not only connect to your dreams, but also live them?

Compass Rose Living is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and organizations:

  • Set, clarify and reach life’s goals
  • Build life’s relationships
  • Overcome life’s obstacles
  • Achieve life balance and joy
  • Discover God’s direction in your life
  • Improve parenting and family dynamics
  • Work through relationship and career issues
  • Triumph over issues by providing practical tools and biblical approaches that propel you forward
  • Realize your vision of a better future and enable you to make that reality
  • Discover your God-given potential to become all that God designed you to be

We utilize practical coaching and counseling tools with sound Biblical Worldview.

Compass Rose Living is committed to equip you in fostering healthy and positive life changes and to encourage, inspire, motivate, and support you in your journey to discover your God given potential.

Contact us and let us help you set your course beyond success to satisfaction.