Janet Birkey “As a life coach and speaker, Lynn Fote knows how to get to the heart of the matter, and the heart of her client.

With skill and her incredible strength as a strategic thinker, Lynn is able to ask those simple questions that cause her client to view their situation in a new light: a light that brings clarity, hope and encouragement to their situation.

Only people who want to experience transformational growth need engage Lynn’s services, because you cannot help but be challenged and leave with increased confidence in your own ability to make the best of the life you were designed to live!”

Janet Birkey
Life and Marriage Coach, Speaker, CALLED Magazine Marriage and Family Editor

Rhea Perry “When it comes to career management, Joe and Lynn Fote have got it figured out! They have worked successfully together for years in several business ventures. They know how to guide and direct you to clarify, set and reach your life’s goals.”

“If you want good advice on how to manage your career, you can trust Joe Fote.”

Rhea Perry
Backside of Nowhere in Southern TN


“The single most important benefit from my experience with my life coach, Lynn Fote, is the encouragement to realize the deeper potential of my abilities and the courage to act upon those discoveries. My feet needed specific stepping-stones and Lynn’s coaching illuminated my direction.”

Always intentionally positive, Lynn guides your introspection with her insightful questions and observations. She provides an atmosphere of safety and integrity for individuals exploring their specific effectiveness and productivity.”



“Dr. Joe has helped me discover and develop the tools I needed to honestly and objectively help my family and myself.”


“Thank you Dr. Joe for helping me become the man God intended me to be.”


“Very specific and practical advice..”